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Dreamer Inspiration

At Disney Dreamers Academy, you can learn about the transformational power of dreams and how your dreams can inspire you to set goals that will open up a world of new possibilities.

Don't Just Dream, Dream Big

Through inspirational presentations by successful professionals whose personal stories began much like your own, you'll see opportunities open up that you may never have dreamed of. Disney Dreamers Academy can give you the courage to dream big.
Dream Big

A World of Possibilities Await You

As you tour studios and behind-the-scenes facilities at Walt Disney World® Resort, you'll see professionals in action. You'll hear celebrities and Disney Cast Members tell you what inspired them, and you'll find your own inspiration in motivational talks and other educational experiences. When your dreams begin to take flight, they'll be built on ideas that you began to form at Disney Dreamers Academy.
World of Possibilities

Get a Jump-Start on Your Future

Discover some of the tips that these professional mentors use to be successful. Learn how to present yourself in a way that will leave others with a lasting, positive impression. Find out how to convert your exciting new dreams into goals, and how to plan a future that can make your goals a reality.
Get a Jumpstart