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About the Academy:
A 4-Day Event, A Lifetime of Success

Celebrating the Magic of Dreams
Each spring, 100 exceptional high school students arrive at the Disney Dreamers Academy Resort—each with ambitions, excitement and hopes for the future. Four days later, they return home with the motivation, guidance and experiences to help make those dreams come true.

Why Should You Attend?
  • You’ll get energized at sessions led by Steve Harvey and other entertainers, business leaders and motivational speakers—all who blazed their own trails to turn their dreams into reality.
  • You’ll expand your horizons at workshops that immerse you in exciting fields like animation, journalism, entertainment, business, culinary arts and medicine.
  • You’ll receive personal guidance from mentors to develop career skills—like interviewing, networking and even dressing for success—that give you an edge in the workplace.

How Can You Apply?
Applicants must be high school students ages 13 to 19.
Completed applications for our 2019 class are due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on October 31, 2018.

Find out more and download the application

6 Signs You Might Be a Dreamer
We get thousands of applications each year from bright, motivated kids like you. But we can only take 100. What makes a Dreamer stand out?
  • Intellectual curiosity – a love for learning and creativity
  • Compassion – caring for those around you
  • Courage – facing obstacles with poise and maturity
  • Leadership – a passion that inspires others
  • A positive outlook and a generous spirit
  • Optimism about the future

What if You’re Not Accepted This Year?
Keep trying. Keep applying. Keep watching our videos and keep following us on social media. Don’t let one disappointment—or anything—keep you from your destiny of success. After all…

Our Company Was Started by a Dreamer
Walt Disney arrived in Hollywood in 1923 with a few dollars in his pocket and a dream of drawing cartoons. He faced rejection and disappointment, but he believed in his talent and his dream. Today, Walt’s tiny animation studio has grown into the largest media company in the world, and his work has touched billions of people. The Academy’s mission continues Walt’s abiding belief in the power of one’s dreams—and their ability to make a positive difference in the world.
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